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Update time: January 2023

the updated description:

l  Modify and supplement relevant detailed descriptions to make the Privacy Policy more complete.

l  We have updated the section on How we collect and use your Personal Data to further improve the transparency of information collection and use.

l  We have updated the length of time we retain your user information to give you a better understanding of information retention.

l  We have updated the operation settings that explain how you can cancel your account to meet your information protection needs.

l  We have updated our company information so that you can contact us more accurately.


Your trust is of great importance to us and we also understand the importance of your personal information to you. We will take protective measures as required by laws and regulations to protect your personal information and to keep it under our control. In view of this, Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd., a company incorporated under the Laws of the Republic China with an address at No.666 Hu'an Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China registered under the number 91350200705487306K (hereinafter referred to as “Yealink”, “we”, “our”, “us”) has prepared this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) which sets out the basis on which we process your personal data.


Please be sure to read this Policy carefully and thoroughly before using or browsing the Yealink Official Website. You may use relevant product or service after you have fully understood and agreed to the terms of this Policy. Your use of the Yealink Official Website indicates that you have fully understood and agreed upon all terms in this Policy.


Yealink acts as Data Controller and Yealink (Europe) Network Technology B.V. as Yealink’s representative in the European Union.


Related definitions:

Yealink official website users (hereinafter referred to as“Users” or “You”): refer to individuals, companies or organizations that register, log in and use Yealink official websites (including Support Platform, Ticket Platform, Assurance Maintenance System, License Management Platform, Yealink PrimeCare, Yealink Academy, Yealink Forum, etc.). If you use other products or services operated by Yealink or its affiliates and want to know how the relevant data is collected and processed, please refer to the privacy policies of the products or services.

Product: refers to the software and hardware that we sell or license to Yealink customers.

Service: refers to any product pre-sales and after-sales service and other product services under our control, regardless of whether the service is online or offline.


This Policy will help you understand:

I. How we collect and use your Personal Data

II. How we use Cookies and similar technologies

III. How we share, transfer and disclose your Personal Data

IV. How we protect your Personal Data

V. How long we retain your Personal Data

VI. How you manage your Personal Data and Your rights over your Personal Data

VII. How we deal with minor’s Personal Data

VIII. Third-party service providers and partners

IX. Transmission of your Personal Data 

X. Update and notice of this Policy

XI. How to contact us

I. How we collect and use your Personal Data

1.1 What information we collect

Personal Data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’), does not include anonymized information.; an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person. In order to provide you with our service, we require you to provide the information necessary to use the service. We will only collect information that is necessary to achieve specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and ensure that no further processing of this information is carried out that is inconsistent with the above-mentioned purposes. You have the right to choose whether to provide the information we request, but in some cases, if you choose not to provide, Yealink may not be able to provide you with corresponding services, nor respond or solve your problems.

Depending on the services you choose, we may collect one or more of the following information:

1.1.1 Information that you unsolicited

According to the services you choose, we will collect the personal information you actively provide when using the corresponding services.

● Account Creation. We will collect the Personal Data you provide to us when you create, modify or log in to your account on Yealink’s official website, including the user name you entered, the user’s company name, the company’s official website address and the user’s position, and the user’s purchase of Yealink products The name of the distributor’s company, the region, country and city where the user is located, select the account type (End user or Partner or Reseller), set and confirm your login password, and provide your phone number and email account. The mobile phone number and email account you submit will be used to receive the verification code when you register, log in, bind your account, and retrieve your password, and will be used as one of the contact methods specified by you and Yealink to receive related business notifications (such as service Update, send business bills or business communications, etc.) and your designated after-sales service (such as troubleshooting, etc.).

● Room design. When you use the Room Design function on the Support Platform, Yealink will record and save your chosen meeting room design and link it to your account so that you can quickly find your proposal. To save the proposal you will need to fill in and submit the Project Name, Estimated Room Quantity and Time Frame to Purchase to Yealink.

● Report technical issues. Ticket Platform is the only official way to report all technical issues to Yealink support team, which includes questions, hardware issues, bugs and new features. When you use Ticket Platform, you may need to submit issue description, issue type, priority, mail, company name, distributor, faulty QTY, and purchased product information, such as product category, product model, firmware version, SN, MAC, whether it is DOA, attachments (It is up to the user to choose whether to submit, which may include the account number, password, address book, and call records of the client phone), description. This section is mainly information about the product and does not involve too much personal information. In order to use the Ticket service, you need to provide the necessary information, and whether to submit all the information is up to you voluntarily, but if you are unwilling to submit it, Yealink will not be able to provide you with corresponding services.

● Apply for licenses. The License Management Platform can be used to apply for all Yealink licenses. When you use the License Management Platform, we may collect information on user name, whether to unlock the license, purpose, mac, edition, model, valid time, application reason, authorized co, email, remark, machine ID, license type, the number of concurrent, project name, project No., sales order No., k3 Consign No., distributor, salesperson, attachment, status, approver, approved date, company, email, region, country, role type, account type, order No., business type, order type, purpose, submission date, etc.

● Warranty service. When you use the Assurance Maintenance System, you may need to submit information such as telephone number, full address, tracking number of sending unit, etc.

Pre-sales consultation. You can choose to consult on the pre-sale procurement of products and solutions. If you choose to participate, we may collect information such as your first name, last name, e-mail address, company name, country, product interest, tel, job tittle and your requirement.

Participate in user research. If you desire, you may participate in Yealink's user research. If you choose to participate, we may collect information such as your name, email address, region, role in Yealink, age, employment status, use of communication products, and opinions on Yealink's products/services improvements. Yealink may provide gifts to those individuals who participate in surveys. These surveys are designed to let us understand which types of products are most effective for our customers and to find the best way to advertise to attract new customers, and your participation in our user research is entirely voluntary.

Obtain certification. Yealink Academy provides corresponding certification courses. You can submit application information, participate in training courses, and take Yealink certification test. After passing the online test, you will receive an official Yealink certificate. The information we may collect includes full name, company, position, customer type, email, country, certification purpose, work experience, etc.

● Prime Care. You can purchase advanced services for the equipment you purchased. If you choose Yealink PrimeCare, we may collect the following information: enterprise information, such as email address, main administrator name, company name, country and region information, service contract validity period, etc.; Meeting room and equipment information, such as organization, group name, room name, equipment No., SN No., etc.; license information; management member's contact name, email, permissions and other information, etc.

Participate in Yealink Forum. Our website provides publicly accessible forums and user reviews. It is your voluntary decision whether to speak in the forums, but you should be aware that the information you provide in public forums may be read, collected and used by others who visit them. To request removal of your Personal Information from these areas, contact us at

Partner Application. To become a Yealink partner (including Yealink resellers, distributors or channel partners), or to establish other similar relationships with Yealink, you can complete an online application. By virtue of our partner application we may collect information such as your first name, last name, email, company name, phone number (company), phone number (contact person), country/region, state/province, city, etc.


1.1.2 Information we collect during your use of the service

Equipment and network information. We will collect device-related information when you use Yealink products and services, such as IP, operating system type and version, browser type and version, account status, etc.

Interactive record information. Such information will be submitted directly to us by you when you use our website, products or services, and interact with us. For example, the information requests you provide to us, including the query information you enter or the questions or information you provide in order to obtain customer support, the information uploaded for the purpose of feedback, your communication records online or through phone calls, emails, etc.

Subscription and favorite information. For example, when using the Support platform, you can choose the modules that need to be subscribed (products, knowledge base, Yealink Academy, new product UAT plan, user research, Yealink notifications) and whether to set up email Notification (if you choose yes, you will receive Subscribe to email notifications of module updates), if you think an article is helpful to you, you can click Favorite. Favorite articles can be found in Personal Center - Favorite.

Log information. When you use Yealink official website, Yealink will collect and store necessary log information, such as access time, visited page path, IP address, event information (such as errors, crashes), etc.


1.2 Use of third-party services

We may use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies or other similar technologies to collect and store your information, You can read the privacy policy of Google Analytics for details by visiting


1.3 We may use your Personal Data for the following purposes

1.3.1 Create an account. You can choose to create a Yealink official website account to better use our services. This account can provide identity authentication when you use Yealink products and services, contact you, and send you important notices. We may send messages and notices to your email box in order to provide basic features or operation & maintenance services of our products and/or services, including but not limited to verify codes necessary for subscribing to the services and push notifications necessary for using services. If you refuse to provide such information, you will not be able to use our products and/or service normally.


1.3.2 In order to provide you with the basic functions of the product or service, we need to collect the information needed to achieve the purpose of the service. For example, in order to provide maintenance services, it is necessary to collect the user name, email, company code and company name as necessary to communicate directly with you and conduct after-sales services and the terminal information (including SN code and Mac address) as necessary for terminal operation and maintenance. The Personal Data used for such purposes is the information that you must authorize us to collect and use, and if you refuse to provide such information, you will not be able to use our products and/or service normally.


1.3.3 In order to recommend relevant content for you, maintain and improve our services, we may send marketing messages to the contact information you provide, including, but not limited to, information about new products, marketing campaigns and promotions from Yealink. If you decline to receive marketing messages, you may choose to reply directly to unsubscribe from such notifications, or contact us to unsubscribe.


1.3.4 In response to your interaction request. When you visit our website, participate in online or offline events, request changes, or contact us with any questions or product information (such as providing technical support, giving us comments, suggestions, inquiries, etc.) We need to collect your contact details and interactions with you.


1.3.5 For internal purposes such as data analysis, research and development of statistical information related to the use of our products or services to better improve our products or services.


1.3.6 In order to conduct operation and maintenance analysis and help users solve problems, we need to collect log information and terminal information required for terminal operation and maintenance in order to protect the security of our products, services and customer information.


1.4 We will collect, use, store, protect and more generally process your Personal Data according to this Policy and corresponding product service terms in the course of providing business functionalities or detailed services to you; if it is necessary to collect your Personal Data beyond the scope of this Policy, we will separately describe the scope and purpose of such information collection, and collect the information only strictly as necessary to provide the corresponding services and after obtaining your consent.


1.5 We ensure that your personal data is used for necessary business, and internal management personnel will only obtain necessary information according to the division of labor. The personal data we collect will not exceed the information necessary to achieve the purpose of products or services. The legal basis for such processing is as follows:

(i) Compliance with a legal obligation,

(ii) The performance of the contract,

(iii) The legitimate interest, and

(iv) Your consent.


II. How we use Cookies and similar technologies

2.1 Cookies are text-only files stored in computers or mobile devices by the network server. Contents of the Cookies can only be retrieved or read by the server that create such Cookies (hereinafter referred to as “Cookies”). Each Cookie is unique to your web browser or mobile application. A Cookie generally includes identifiers, site name and several numbers and characters. Cookies can store users’ preferences.


2.2 Yealink uses Cookies for the same purpose as most of the Internet service providers use the Cookies for, i.e. to improve user experience. When you use Yealink official website, we may collect and store the data related to your access to the Yealink official website by means of the Cookies or similar technologies to help you to simplify your access experience. By doing this, we can understand your browsing habits, so that we can recognize your identity when you access or access again the Yealink official website helping you save the steps of repeatedly entering account information, or help determine the security of your account. You can know more information in our Cookie Policy.


2.3 You have the right to accept or refuse the Cookies or to set your preference. You may refuse the Cookies by altering the browser settings or set according to your preferences in the “Settings Panel”. However, if you refuse certain Cookies, you will not be able to log in or use the relevant functionalities of the Yealink official website relying on the Cookies.


2.4 The information obtained by setting the Cookies will apply to this Policy. Yealink will not use the Cookies for any purposes other than those described in this Policy.


For more detailed information about cookies, please refer to the Yealink Cookies Policy 


III. How we share, transfer and disclose your Personal Data

3.1 Except for the circumstances set out in 3.2, we will not share, provide, disclose, sell, rent or trade your Personal Data to any irrelevant third party, unless we have or such third party has your prior permission, and we independently or jointly provide service for you, and such third party will be forbidden to access such information after completion of the services, including all materials that it may have had access to previously.


3.2 We may disclose your Personal Data, partially or wholly, based on your personal consent or provisions of applicable laws under the following circumstances:

a) Disclose to any third party with your prior consent;

b) Disclose your Personal Data when there is a reasonable requirement to do so, for example, to meet request of applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable government decision.


3.3 In case of transfer of Personal Data in a country outside the European Union, we will comply with the prerequisites applicable to such transfer under the applicable law, such as the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission and any additional safeguards to meet European standards if needed.


IV. How we protect your Personal Data

4.1 Your Personal Data security is very important to us. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data from any internal or external unauthorized access, or any loss, misuse, arbitrary alteration or damage.


We have implemented in particular the following measures :

·  Pseudonymisation and encryption of Personal Data;

·  Ensurance of the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services;

·  Restoration of the availability and access to Personal Data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident;

· Process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures for ensuring the security of the processing.


This means for instance:

·  We have adopted a controlled access mechanism to ensure that your Personal Data can only be accessed upon authorization;

·  We have adopted encryption technology (e.g. TLS, SSL) to ensure the confidentiality of Personal Data;

·  We have adopted a protection mechanism to avoid system attack;

·  We have strictly limited the scope of people who can access the information, and those who have the right to access your Personal Data and can represent us shall abide by the same rules hereof and be obliged to keep confidential your Personal Data according to their own applicable codes of conduct and professional standards.


4.2 All the accounts of Yealink official website have security protection features, so Please properly keep confidential your user name and password information. Please properly keep your own Personal Data secure and provide to others only under necessary circumstances. Please use the products correctly and legally otherwise others may have the opportunity to have access to your information and communication contents. Please do not disclose your account number, password or other detailed information. Yealink bears no liability for any Personal Data disclosure caused by you disclosing your password to or sharing your account with others. Please inform us immediately if your account is accessed illegally. Please change your password from time to time.


4.3 In case that any security incidents such as Personal Data disclosure occurs, we will initiate emergency plans to limit the effects of such incidents, and inform you in the form of push notifications, emails, announcements and other forms if and as required by relevant laws and regulations.


V. How long we retain your Personal Data

5.1 We undertake that the retention period of your Personal Data will not exceed the maximum period necessary to achieve the purposes set forth in this Policy for each category of Personal Data concerned or to comply with applicable data protection laws. In addition, we will endeavor to ensure that any irrelevant or redundant data is deleted or anonymized as quickly as possible.

5.2 The criteria used to determine this retention period include:

-the duration of our ongoing relationship with you and the duration of our provision of Yealink official website (e.g. as long as you have an account with us or continue to use Yealink official website);

-the fact that we have a legal obligation to retain the data (e.g. certain laws require us to keep records of your transactions for a certain period of time before we can delete them); or

-the fact that their retention is recommended due to our legal position (e.g. with regard to certain applicable laws on limitation periods, disputes or regulatory investigations).


Note that in particular:

-Cookies are deleted after 12 months after you provided consent, 12 months rolling for connection logs and 24 months regarding problems / errors.

- In order to comply with the investigation requirements of relevant judicial authorities, personal data required to subscribe and use the services is deleted 5 years after your last use of the service.

Personal Data of prospects are not retained by Yealink.


VI. How you manage your Personal Data and Your rights over your Personal Data

6.1 You will ensure that all the Personal Data you submit is correct. Yealink will take efforts to maintain the Personal Data correct and unaltered, and will update such data in a timely manner. Under applicable laws, you will have the following rights:

● You have the right to request us to provide you a copy in a machine readable format for any Personal Data we hold related to you.

● You have the right to request us to update, correct, supplement, delete or limit the processing of your Personal Data if your Personal Data is incorrect, incomplete, or processed illegally.    

● You have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data. If you object to the processing with legal reasons, we will cease the processing of your Personal Data; however, if there are legitimate and necessary reasons more important than your interests, rights and freedom, or related to the filing and enforcement of legal proceedings, we will continue to process your Personal Data.

● If you want to exercise a relevant right, please notify us at the following address Generally, we will respond to you within 30 days, unless otherwise required by applicable law. Depending on the complexity of your request, we may extend the deadline for an additional two months. In this case, we will notify you of the extension and the reasons for it within 30 days of receiving your request. For security purposes, you may need to make a written request and we may ask you to send identification. We will refuse the request if we believe on reasonable grounds that such request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive character. If you feel, after contacting us, that your rights are not being respected, you can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.    


6.2 Depending on applicable laws, you may have the right to revoke your consent. However, the revocation of consent will not affect the legality and effect of our processing of your Personal Data based on your consent prior to the revocation, nor will it affect our processing of your Personal Data based on other appropriate legal basis. Please note that depending on the scope of information you authorize us to process, this may result in you not being able to enjoy Yealink's products or services.


6.3 Account cancellation

If you want to cancel your account information, you can do this through " Personal Center " - "Account Settings " - " Delete Account " in the menu bar of the webpage. We will cancel your account and delete your personal data in accordance with Article 5 of this Privacy Policy, and we will not collect, use and/or disclose your personal information thereafter in accordance with your request.


VII. How we deal with minors' Personal Data

Our products and services are not aimed at children, and we will not collect Personal Data from minors without the consent of their parents or guardians. If you find that your child provides Personal Data to us without your permission, please notify us at the following address If we are informed by you or find out that we have collected Personal Data from children , we will delete such information as soon as possible.


VIII.Third-party service providers and partners

We may require third-party service providers to help us conduct the data processing work described in this Policy, including coding and decoding, data storage, data inquiry etc. Our categories of service providers and partners include hosting/infrastructure/storage providers, payment service providers, analysis tools providers, customer Support tools providers and marketing and email providers.The third-party service providers are forbidden by us under contract to sell the data information obtained from us and are required only to use partial data information and only to perform the services that Yealink requires it to provide, unless otherwise requested by applicable laws and we impose on these third-party service providers strong commitments in terms of security and data privacy regulation compliance. Apart from this, we do not allow any third party to process your Personal Data in any way.


With all third-party service providers we’ve entered into the relevant data processing agreement as requied by regulations.


IX. Transmission and storage of your Personal Data

The information collected by Yealink may come from various countries and regions all over the world and be processed in various countries and regions due to the global business of Yealink. The data protection laws of such countries or regions may differ. The Personal Data collected and generated when the official website operates outside the People's Republic of China will be stored on servers in USA. You accept that we transmit and store the data among regions in accordance with the above rules, otherwise you will not be able to use the existing the official website. To ensure that the data we collect is processed in accordance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy and applicable law, we will either (i) conclude a data transfer agreement, based upon the EU model agreements, you can obtain a copy of the EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) by clicking here , (ii) adopt binding corporate rules, (iii) rely on legally determined exceptions (such as requesting your explicit consent), or (iv) adopt other mechanisms which have been deemed to provide for the adequate protection of your Personal Information.


X. Update and notice of this Policy

Yealink has the right to update or modify this Policy from time to time. We may do so from time to time for the purpose of complying with applicable laws or out of other reasonable causes such as if the processes described herein evolve. In case of any modification, we will release the latest Privacy Policy in here and the altered Policy shall come into effect immediately upon its release. If your right under this Policy is reduced or changed due to any material change made to this Policy, we will notify you by email or other feasible way before the change becomes effective. We recommend that you check this Policy periodically to get the latest information.


XI. How to contact us

If you have any question on this Policy or you wish to exercise your rights to control the Personal Data, you can contact us in the following ways.

Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Registered address:No.666 Hu'an Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China

Business address: No.666 Hu'an Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China

DPO: Chief Data Protection Officer

Phone Number: 0592-5702000

Email Address:

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